Landscape Maintenance

With 25 years of experience under our belt, LLS Pacific has established itself as one of the safest, leading Landscape Maintenance contractors in the state. Our broad menu of services has allowed us to provide top-notch service to the larger communities and residential properties that we have focused on.

We feel a strong sense of ownership for every project we take on. We feel it is our duty to relieve the client of whatever concerns they may have about their property and take them on as our own. High levels of professionalism and pride for our work contribute to creating the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Clients (past and present):

  • Hickam Communities
  • Island Palm Communities
  • Mutual Housing Association of Hawaii
  • Woodlawn & Associates
  • Makua Military Reservation
  • Bellows Air Force Installation Housing
  • Dollar Thrifty Auto Group
  • Aqua Engineers
  • Lum Yip Kee Ltd.
  • Lum Chang Tai
  • Hawaii National Bank
  • Loyalty Entrerprises
  • J.K. Electric LLC
  • Hawaii Innovative Technical Solution, Inc.

Landscape Development

We completely understand that a property’s first impression is its curb appeal, or landscaping. Our fanatical commitment to the quality of our work leads to high levels of customer satisfaction.

A strong sense of ownership and passion for our work allows us to deliver on time and under budget. We love to compete and look towards all challenges as an opportunity to improve.

We strive for a high level of customer loyalty, but pride ourselves on being loyal to our customers!

Services we provide:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Installation
  • Irrigation Design
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Horticultural Information/Expertise
  • Earthwork and Drainage Design
Landscaping Projects (past and present):

  • Dollar Rent-A-Car
  • Nan Inc.
  • Bendco Inc.
  • Narahara Residence in Manoa
  • Brigham Young University
  • Palolo Housing
  • Bellows Air Force Installation
  • The Pinnacle Building (Downtown Honolulu)
  • Hickam Air Force Base (Phase I & II)
  • San Juan Construction- Fort Shafter Renovation
  • Jacobson Construction- Laie Mormon Temple Renovation
  • LYZ Inc.- Various Projects
  • A’alapapa Enterprises- Residential Renovations
  • SAIC- Marine Corps Base Hawaii
  • Mutual Housing Association of Hawaii
  • Darcey Builders
  • Alan Shintani, Inc.

Tree Trimming

We possess the certified staff and equipment needed to take care of just about any tree-trimming request. LLS Pacific employs some of the safest practices out there and is an industry leader when it comes to safe tree maintenance.

Long-term agreements provide the peak arrangement for ensuring the adequate long-term care and health of a tree. We value every relationship we commit to and put customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list. If a customer’s wishes can be done safely, we will get it done.

Services we provide:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Tree Planting
  • Root removal
  • Root Pruning
  • Stump grinding/removal
Current Tree Trimming Projects:

  • Hickam Communities
  • Topa Financial Centers
  • Island Palm Communities
  • Lum Yip Kee Ltd.
  • Lum Chang Tai
  • Hawaii National Bank
  • Loyalty Entrerprises
  • Bellows Air Force Installation Housing